A reanimated corpse that is used as a servant or slave. Traditionally, that is. The body is kept "alive" by the magic of the bokor, otherwise known as a sorceror or witch-doctor. The body is reanimated within a few days of dying so it is still able to be preserved without falling apart. Zombies in the employ of a sorceror are denied salt, as it will remind them that they are dead. A zombie is only free of the sorceror when he is killed or dies. After that the zombie may return to his grave or wander about without much purpose. Two of these characters who are magic zombies exist in CTV: Mye and Hexavier.

Mind control is another way to manipulate a zombie.

Zombies can also be mindless undead ghouls that crave the flesh of the living. Magic or other factors may be involved in the reanimation of the corpse. What separates these from traditional zombies is that they are unable to follow orders, and are not as well preserved as a magic zombie. They may not be particularly bright and cannot be reasoned with. Thankfully, advanced decay and rigor mortis makes them slow and easy to outrun. A zombie's true strength lies in his ability to convert others to his side through a convicing argument (biting!) and to swarm en masse onto the warm and breathing.