Yiska is a female Alp, assigned by the Bureau (on Samrick's request) to fill in for Kavonn when he has to leave the cabin for a more important mission.

Flirtatious, canny and often skirting the edges of obscenity, Yiska is happy to do her job professionally, but never wastes a chance to cause herself a giggle or two. She appears to favor pale shades of purple and blue, and ultra-feminine outfits inspired by classical menswear. Her Tarnkappe is a cocktail-sized top-hat, decorated with three birds' skulls and a veil. The skulls represent her deceased crow familiars: Rooka, Revna and Dorvic; which she uses to send reports to her employer and the Bureau. She also uses them to alter the color of her Tarnkappe to match her outfits, something most Alps would be apprehensive to do for concern of messing with the inherent magics within their chapeau, but the minor glamour seems to cause no issue.