Often called wolf-elfs, or Welves. Many Welves recall a romanticized version of their origins: they were once elves that decided to become like wolves instead; but in truth their ancestors were elves that were cursed.



Welves typically live in villages similar to Elves and Onekamari, and trade freely with other races in the forest.

Welves put a strong emphasis on family loyalty and their communities are very tight-knit, in reflection of wolf behavior. It rather much ends there since they do not establish a pecking order or an "alpha/omega" caste system. However, bad behavior can get a welf ousted from Welf villages and society, and lone welves who have formed their own packs outside the villages can be very lawless and dangerous. Welf Gangs are a problem unwary travelers in the forest may encounter. Welves are not particularly skilled with guns, but they are strong and have sharp claws to make up for it. Again, unlike a real wolf, their claws are retractable.

Welves in the comic

The first Welf to show up in the comic was one encountered by Menu, and she stupidly got flattened by a truck.

Cutter, LaBelle, and Leonard were introduced in one of Mye's story arcs. We soon met Vito, Heyt, Elias and Cooby, welf "cubs" that had been adopted into Leonard and Cutter's "Pack". Each of them is implied to have some reason to have run away from home, except for Coobs who seems too young to have left on his own...

We also saw one of the welf gangs and their armless leader, who tried to assault LaBelle after she had a dramatic makeover courtesy Kavonn's staff. The leader and another of his gang were killed by Sadick and K'ale.

The two surviving Welf gang members returned later with some Skzzldrix, demanding that LaBelle and Sadick hand over the Lemuro child Bojo and return the gold stolen from the Skzzldrix fur dealer.