Vita Melbourne Camrose is an Elite vampire woman with blue and grey hair, and large colorful demon wings. Her "Elite obsession" ('cuz they all got one) is dogs. Dogs of any size or breed, and not just the living ones, but her entire living space is decorated with dog-centric ornamentation. She only owns a few, her favorite being a cute Pomeranian that she likes to bring along with her to the Elite HQ as she's the most well behaved of her canines. She is currently stuck counciling Quixoto, and lucky girl, she's the only one he wants to have anything to do with there so she's on her own with him.

She briefly had a thing for Zerlocke, but after he shot her down he pointed her in the direction of Nikodemus who actually was interested. Right now she's mad at him for not having the courage to admit his feelings to her, and is either leading Quixoto on by acting interested in him to spite Nikodemus, or she's just made a drastic decision to accept his numerous advances; which she could come to regret in time.