Victor doing that thing he does best. Towering over people!

Victor Lee Marlowe is a hunter who lives in Kellwood. He introduced himself to the comic as "Vic the Vampire killer" while dressed in a ridiculous Van Helsing getup. Charby made fun of his hat, so the only part of the outfit he kept was the long grey coat.

His relationship with the vampire Charby evolves somewhat through the comic, starting out as antagonists and eventually becoming friends, and thinking of eachother as brothers.

Vic and Charby are one of the few characters in the comic that share the same font (the twin zombies Hex and Mye being one other).

Victor has a unhealing gash across his right cheek, and a clouded over eye on the left side.

It is hinted by other characters that Vic possesses a mysterious, almost inhuman air about him, though what it is and what this means is yet to be revealed.