A mysterious entity that has made himself known to Zeno as of late. He claims to be Zeno (from the future?) and has tried browbeating Zeno into embracing his destiny for the sake of the Scotodino race. Zeno is not exactly feeling motivated to restore to grace his people that abandoned him. He caused quite the incident during his first manifestation in the presence of the Elite Council, where Zeno freaked out and blew up his best friend's head. The presence of Elites made Zeno visibly uncomfortable and worse when the wraith pushed hard to convince him that the Elites are his sworn enemy.

It is implied by Quixoto in his conversation with Vita that he could feel the Wraith's presence in Zeno's mind while he was setting to the task of selectively removing Zeno's memory of Zerlocke, so as not to have cause for any incidents.


He would prefer to be addressed as "Mr. Chavez".

In recent events, it is revealed that he is actually from the past and claims to be "Executor and Inheritor of the will of Orzzoren the Wheel of Souls" who was unceremoniously ripped from his own timeline to bear witness to Zeno (a younger version of himself) screwing around with a bunch of Elites. Blow up one head, and everyone thinks you're the bad guy!

Mr. Chavez can possess Zeno and speak through him, because no one except Azelea can see or hear him.

It appears Azelea has known about Mr. Chavez for some time and it has driven her obsessive interest in Zeno.


Mr. Chavez has an unsettling tendency to appear grotesquely undead and then completely normal during his manifestations to Zeno. He fades in and out in this state, his wings and clothing appearing to rot away and solidify again. At times he appears downright skeletal.

When he appears, he is accompanied by strange red and purple orbs and sometimes a rather psychedelic background.


Mr. Chavez' fading in and out is inspired by the appearance of the Halja in the artist's favorite video game of all time, Odin Sphere. Just find a cutscene with the Halja in it and watch it. He's totally doing that.