The cabin in the woods is home to main cast of the comic. Menu owns the house and insists on approving of who gets to live there, though some have stayed relatively under the radar by staying out of his way or appealing to his appetite.

One thing people might notice right away is that the interior decor is hideous, as though someone completely color-blind picked the colors. Especially the gigantic (though very comfy) magenta couch which Mannick sleeps on.

It has 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a large kitchen/dining area with a walk-in pantry, a large living room and a spacious attic. A large shed and storehouse is appended to the side. It has one window in the front, and two in the attic.

The basement is a bizarre thing, for the house was built over a cave, and houses a number of large mysterious machines. One of these machines is a small hydroelectric generator that supplies the power and water to the house. Being that the house is 2 miles and a half into the woods, it's not on Kellwood's electric grid or water system, so it is completely self-sufficient.

The house used to belong to a pair of eccentric scientists who became paranoid and reclusive. They had been working on a number of energy-related experiments from their basement lab for years, when the threat of "y2k" was in the air they stocked their storehouse with food. Having built their own machines, they weren't particularly afraid of things going wrong with their own computers, but they were terribly paranoid over the fate of the rest of the world and started making provisions for what they thought may be the apocalypse, and intended to convert the basement area into a bomb shelter. They hadn't finished the big vault door yet when they found a stray at their doorstep and foolishly let him in. They were quite fond of their little pet dog up until the full moon when he regretfully decided to eat them both.