Do I really have to tell you which is which?

The Staff of Oswego is a weapon that was given to Charby by the Elites. By holding it and shouting "Oswego", Charby is imbued with magic powers that force a rather painful transformation on him, giving him wiiiings! Sadly, the problem is that he can only turn into either a super Good Guy or a really, really Bad version that just wants to satisfy his id. Bad side also has wicked claws, so it's hard to tell him no...

The word "Oswego" is a Native American word that roughly translates to "Water pouring into place", which pretty accuratly describes the magic pouring into Charby using the staff to connect to the source of his powers. Why this is the word that was chosen to activate the power is unknown as of yet however. No worse than "Give me your power magic staff!"

Charby used it briefly to go on a revenge raid, but was shut down by the powerful psychic Quixoto for his troubles. In both his forms Charby has proved to be susceptible to powerful mind controls, a fact which would make Charby more dangerous if he were to come under control of the wrong side...

Oswego Side Comparisons

Good Side

Bad Side

Pinkish angel-like win

gs, blue hair, and orange/yellow eyes

Bat-like wings, swirly pupils, his hair gets even more spikey,
Personality does not change. Personality changes dramatically; seeks pleasures and becomes aggressive, lacks control of emotions.
Staff is used as a weapon. Staff disolves into him and reforms from his fingertips in the form of wicked steak-knife claws.
Advanced Telekenisis, other existing powers amplified. Strength increases dramatically, powers amplified slightly.