Sire attachement is a phenomenon that happens amongst "spawned" vampires, which prevents them from seeking revenge on the one who sired them. A spawn (any vampire that was turned rather than being a vampire as a preexisting condition) will feel a sense of attachement, affection or affinity toward the one who sired them. Depending on the conditions, they will come to view their sire as either a master, a mother or father, a sibling, or a potential lover. Spawn will often act subservient to their sire and are willing to protect and serve their sire without question, if they should ever meet again. Spawn don't typically seek out their sires in this fashion however so it is not often the case, but there are vampires that like to make a "family" or "harem" to serve or accompany them. Most intended spawn are meant to be brought to King Rodericke, so that he may have an inluence on their loyalty, but successful human kidnappings are rare.

The attachement can be completely platonic in nature, which is most often the case.

At any rate, it is extremely rare that a vampire feels the need to wreak a terrible revenge on the one who gave him awesome super powers but destroyed his mortal plans.

Dhampirs of course are not affected by this trait, as they feel rather compelled to use their vampire powers to destroy other vampires.

All vampire types are affected by Sire attachement to varying degrees. It runs the gamut from casual disinterest to complete obsession.