Scotodino are a mysterious demon species living in the deep forests of Kellwood and possibly in Mexico.

Scotodino typically exhibit a form of sexual dimorphism with the male of the species almost invariably being huge hulking monster, much larger than a human with snout like face and hulking proportions the females appear mostly human in shape and size, however this is not a constant trait as some females are quite large as well. Both genders have bat like wings and horns, typically chalk white skin with a bluish cast and pupil-less mono-colored eyes. Females may have elaborate facial and possibly body markings that tend to males lack.

The Scotodino do not appear to have any supernatural abilities, though they naturally can fly with their wings, nor any super-human attributes beyond the aforementioned wings. Zeno however did develop the ability to make people's heads explode after coming into contact with the demon scythe, this is however unique to Zeno as a possessor of the weapon.

Additionally The Wraith appears to be a Scotodino but as he seems to exist only in Zeno's mind, it may have simply taken this form from Zeno's thoughts similar to The Master.