Wishes he had a toothpick to chew on right now

Sadick Palmer Porter is an elf detective/bounty hunter who is in hot pursuit of his younger sister Fay. He wears the signs of a rough life on his face, his right ear is nicked and he is completely missing an eye which he thankfully keeps a patch over.

Sadick is a bit of an alcoholic and a bit hotheaded at times. He allegedly received both of his injuries in a bar fight. He also imagines himself a hero, fighting for the "little guy" in Kellwood's fantastical forests. He calls himself "Dead-Eye Sadick", probably hoping it will catch on amongst the scum of the forest as a name to be feared.

However, he is a total coward about demons. He also has an oral fixation and constantly chews on things, most notably toothpicks.

He agreed to help the Lemuro K'ale find his lost brother Bojo after falling into one of his pit-traps.

Sadick was inspired a bit by the character Han Solo from Star Wars, and he definitely has no qualms over shooting first! He was also inspired by cowboy and noir movies, which he consumed eagerly in his youth.

Until it was destroyed by a crescent blade, Sadick had a personalized elfin "Raval" gun.

Thanks to his heavy distrust of demons, he picked a fight with Kavonn and lost, ending up with a small Spider-Fairy named Lezzaria who takes residence between his horns. Her intention is to teach him to stop jumping to conclusions about creatures that are not Elves (or Dragons) like him.

It was revealed that Sadick is the disgraced Prince of Eldenlon, whose alcoholic proclivities caused him lose his inheritance to the throne to his younger sister. He is posing as an Elf commoner in his travels across the Demon Kingdom to find his sister and take care of a royal embarrassment-- recovering the stolen "Orb of Winter" and returning it to Eldenlon along with the thief-- his sister the royal heiress--before anyone finds out both are missing.