Remote Beast, or Remotey as he's known to his masters, is a monster servant created out of roadkill and demon parts by Hexavier and Zeno when they couldn't locate the TV remote. Remote Beast sleeps in the pantry and is always ready to be summoned. He is big enough for the characters to ride on like a pony, but despite his size and awkward proportions he is quite agile and fast when he needs to be. Remote Beast has taken a liking to Tony, who feeds him junk food whenever he's around. He is most loyal to Zeno and Hexavier however, regarding them as his father, so to speak. He was created through a mixture of science, magic, and alchemy. Remote Beast has a few scars and stitches that have not healed completely, these are where some soul-stones and other magical enhancements have been placed to preserve his body. Remote Beast is fairly intelligent and can understand spoken English but cannot speak, only vocalize a "grumble" to confirm his orders.