Rayna Corrine is a fiery woman who hunts vampires and monsters for a living.

Rayna has a short temper and is quick to make assumptions about people, whether warranted or not.

She loudly proclaims to be a feminist, and those around her have taken it to mean she "hates men." However, this is not true. She just finds them frustrating. Rayna's flaws have nothing to do with her philosophies and more to do with her personality.

Rayna is often butting heads with her boss Blaine, whom she perceives as "being over-protective of the ladies" in a chauvinistic way. She can certainly hold her own and has proven herself fully capable, but her short temper and over-eagerness to push herself beyond her limits have led to some bad situations for her in the past. She chooses to hyperfocus on improving her shortcomings rather than embrace her natural talents, and could probably match Victor in hunting prowess if she swallowed her pride.