Bow down to the Princess!

Princess Ervain is a spoiled fairy who is a member of the fairy royal family. She apparently has a bad habit of roughing up commoners when they have something she wants. Her wings are elaborate with large creepy eyespots on them that look like actual eyes, and when she threatened Hexavier at a Samrick's party, these "eyes" apparently opened. Whatever she intended to do to him (or if it was all for show) she got interrupted by Kavonn, whom she seemed to have a history with. It turns out she tried to steal his staff from him a long time ago but her father chastised her for it. Since then Kavonn has had a slight distrust of all fairies, which seemed to really sour things for him and Azelea.

Ervain actually likes Kavonn in a way, even if she wouldn't hesitate to take the staff off his dead body if it came around to it...