The Petruccis are a family of Elite vampires. There are three, the eldest Zerlocke, and his twin sisters Rosemary and Claire. Though they are close and love each other, they are quite critical of each other and not afraid to let it be known.

The Petrucci sibling share a common sire: Adria turned all three of them. Zerlocke went first, and after a few weeks of torture just for kicks, she turned Rosemary and Claire as well. For a long time Zerlocke was infatuated with Adria, but he did not find out about what she did to his sisters until long after the fact (he had assumed that they were left behind with his father, thinking that Adria had spared their lives) and only found out because a gloating Adria informed him as he lay "dying".

The twins on the other hand had forgotten about this fact, and much of what happened while in Adria's keep. Whether this is a result of trauma or if Adria induced this selective amnesia or not is yet to be seen. Of the two girls, Rosemary has turned out more like her sire than her sister, sharing some of the same ideals at times and cold dismissal of those she deems unworthy of her time.


The Petruccis are of Italian descent.

Zerlocke's middle and last name came from two musicians: Bonham, from the late Led Zepplin drummer John Bonham, and Petrucci, from guitarist/founder of Dream Theater.

Rosemary and Adria share the same font as a way of reflecting their small similarity.

Zerlocke's original speaking font was "Felix Titling", a more serious font that reflected his slightly more serious attitude in his first appearances. Since he started losing his grasp in recent times, his speech as well as his font have changed to a less rigid and formal text.