Osbert is an Elite on the council. He has round wings and pink hair. His first appearance was in"Never Ask Your Enemy For Help", where he was a background character in Samrick's palace, one of several Elite representatives arriving to speak with him. He later appears again in Samrick's palace with Vadim and Vita in "Party Plans" where he

Osbert tries in vain not to laugh at a filthy joke in mixed company...

has his first speaking role. Later he is seen being mind-controlled into square dancing with fellow Elite Vadim by the prisoner Quixoto.

We do not get a good look into his personality until the "Party Arc," where it is shown that he is close friends with the Elite Nikodemus. Osbert enjoys teasing him over the rapidly deteriorating plans for a quiet and dignified ceremony for the welcoming of Charby, and ribs him over a Freudian slip after seeing what Vita was wearing. From what we've seen of Osbert, he likes ladies and thinks that rumours about Zerlocke are a little out of hand.