Oleander Rathorn Benson is a fairy from the Bensons family. He is Azelea's older brother,

Oleander: Master of logic.

and he's kind of an idiot. He's quite intent on killing Kavonn for hurting his little sister's feelings, even though she is long over it by now. He has a habit of calling him "Kevin" besides that, and tries to say dramatic things whenever he's in a fight. He got stabbed in the arms by Daray, but bandaged his arms on the outside of his sleeves.

Oleander, Lander for short (though only his sisters get away with calling him that) is sort of a puny and effeminite boy. He's easily the most foolhardy of the group as he rushes headlong into fights without any forethought or planning and as such doesn't pay much attention to what's going on unless it's right in front of him. And the gloating before he's won doesn't help either!



Oleander does not like what that smile implies...

Oleander spent some time as a jackalope after he tried to behead Kavonn with a crescent blade, and was reverted back for a moment before returning to jackalope form after another attempted double-cross. During his time as a jackalope his sister Begonia carried him around like a baby with her pet jackalope Georgie. Because he was so darn girly, Georgie developed a crush on him not realizing that Oleander was in fact a boy jackalope, and Oleander spent a good deal of time trying to ward off Georgie's overbearing affections while enduring the overbearing affection of his older sister. His mother was quite put out over his having been turned into a woodland critter, and his sister Hydrangea begged Kavonn to turn him back in exchange for a cease-fire. When Kavonn did, Oleander turned out to not be fully clothed and requested the avenging of his dignity. It turned out that a double-cross had been in the works and Kavonn promptly turned both him and his sister back into jackalopes, much to the delight of his sister Begonia. Georgie has turned his affections toward the more obviously female Hydrangea by now.