Nikodemus Visser is an Elite vampire and a higher-up in the council. He is usually partnered with Vita and Alaric to
research Elite-related things, like certain weapons and their potential use, and Elite phsychology, that kind of stuff. Elite Weapons were placed in his care when they were found, both the Staff of Oswego and Dinora's Axe. He gave the axe back to Zerlocke in secret however, feeling that some of the decisions made regarding Zerlocke had been unfair, and to spite the malicious Adria who had really gotten on his nerves earlier that day. He has a hard time relating to Zerlocke but still sympathizes with him regarding his relationship with Adria.

Nikodemus is in love with Vita but is too cowardly to approach her about it because of her dog obssession. Nikodemus hates and fears dogs, ever since he was mortal he was terrified of the beasts. And now the woman he loves is a dog fanatic! What's a guy to do? Well, he did nothing and may have lost his chance with her to rival Quixoto, who's been putting the moves on her since she ended up being his sole mediator to the Elites...