Munchie Bear (formerly known as "Floaty Bear") is a large, purplish-blue monstrosity that looks a bit like a cuddly koala teddy bear. He has tentacles hanging off the sides of his face that stretch to ridiculous lengths (so does his tongue) and an overall rubbery quality to his whole body. He floats with the aid of a green ecto-plasmic cloud. His eyes were sewn shut a long time ago by a witch and a vampire hunter (which he cut in half with his claws while he was busy gloating, proving that the attempt was not completely successful) but the stitches have mostly come off save for the two strongest. When his eyes are open however, they shoot laser beams and little demons. Out of his eyes that is. Currently one of the eyes is open, so he can use at least one laser but no little demons so his lasers are perfectly straight now, not all wiggly like the streams in Ghostbusters. He could blast off his own eyelid to open the other one, but he has shown he has an aversion to pain. He also detests bright sunlight even though he is active during the day, he just sticks to the shade of the trees.

Has on several occasions tried to eat Charby or Menu.