Menu and his first love: Eating.

Menu is a werewolf gastronome who owns the cabin in the woods. He is friends with Charby, Zeno and Tony. He considers the other housemates as either acquaintances or simply tenants in his home. He is generally easy to get along with as long as you know the right way, as in offering him food. However he views most things as food, especially on "moon nights". He is currently dating one of the Petrucci twins, Claire. He doe not like the resident fire sprite Foomy, though he begrudgingly lets him stay to impress his girlfriend.

Menu is not unintelligent, but it is true to say he lets his stomach guide his decisions.

Menu and the Moon

Menu is not a normal werewolf. He is in fact a perpetual werewolf, as he does not change back and forth like regular werewolves do. Instead the moon cycle affects his aggression and sanity, and his werewolf powers get a bit of a boost as well. These powers include extra (but not super) strength and agility, as well has a boost to regeneration. Thanks to his curse, he actually ages very slowly. His actual age at the current point in the comic is 25, but when he reverts back to his human body he still looks around 10 years of age.