Pweeze wuv me!

Lemrya is a spider-like creature who used to be Claire Petrucci's head. No kidding!

As an Elite, Claire has regenerative powers, and one day the test of those powers was made when a blade intended for Mye's neck made off with Claire's head. The blade in question was a magic fairy blade, poofed into existence by jealous fairy femme Azelea. Thanks to the boomerang properties of the crescent blade, Azelea ended up with the head in her hands. Seperated from the body so far, Claire made a quick-regen borrowing energy from a closer source so as to comfort her bawling boyfriend Menu, who was convinced that his "girl curse" had finally caught up to Claire. Because the head was not absorbed back into the body, there was no need for it and it was cast aside (or more like thrown behind the couch by a panicked fairy when Menu confronted her) and after it grew some rudimentary legs, scuttered off into hiding for a bit. She later showed up to scare the crap out of Menu, who mistook her for Clair's newer head. She seems to still hold a fondness for Menu, but it is unclear still whether she retained much of Claire's actual memories. Because she does not have an Elite "soul" and possibly does not even have a regenerative power, if she were to be killed her energy would immediately return to Claire's body. She does not eat, but she does exist on the reserves of magic left in her from when she was still Claire's head, plus a little bit of borrowed essence from Azelea, who's hand was still hot from summoning the blade.

To be clear, most severed Elite body parts do not grow their own consciousness and wander off. This was a special case because Claire's brain was in there, which is the second most important organ to the Elite (indeed!). This, and the circumstances surrounding her creation, make her a one-in-a-million occurrence. She better watch out though, because if someone chops off Claire's noodle again while she's holding her "pet", Lemrya might find herself being dissolved back into Claire's body!

Lemrya has a very sweet and affectionate personality, and can only make chirping bird-like noises due to her very rudimentary vocal chords and lack of actual lungs. Sadly, she scares most of the people she wants to cuddle up to due to the unsettling nature of a head with red-tipped spider legs coming out of it.


Lemrya's design was partially inspired by a creature in John Carpenter's "The Thing", and a monster called a "Skitter" from the game "Hunter: The Reckoning".

The name Lemrya is a slightly altered street name, the original street being called "Lemyra". Just past it is "Claire" and "Rosemary" street!