Since when does lack of hunger stop him from not eating a person?

Demon King Samrick is a gigantic, furry monster with red horns, wings, and nipple arms. Eyup, he's got little arms where most got nipples! They're quite expressive, too.

King Samrick is a big guy with a big personality. He can shrink to a much smaller guy, but the personality stays the same size. He loves the ladies. And he loves to party!

Samrick is the first friend that Charby ever made. Samrick's friendship is genuine, but you bet he's wiping his brow with relief considering one of his powers is being able to read the power level of a creature, and Charby's is nearly off the chart!

History Edit

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Young Samrick

Samrick began his life in Kellwood as an adoptee to Ilgram's court. and was initiially raised as a page, but due to his cleverness and ambition, eventually rose to be a scribe, archivist, alchemist and eventually, vizier.

During his time up-close and personal to the mechanisms of the Demon Kingdom, Samrick became frustrated with the way his King ran things. His stodgy traditions and refusal to take good advice began to embitter the young Samrick. He began to find more excuses to spend time away from the court, until he eventually decided to plot against King Ilgram.

Samrick made some shady allies to acquire a "Chaos Tear", and forge it into a ring. The ring would grant him three wishes. Samrick used the first to become the most powerful demon in the land.

He went on to rebel against Ilgram, but had grave concerns about consuming the final two wishes, worrying there may be some curse by his allies worked into it that would activate upon his final wish,

So instead, he hoarded the final wishes and relied on his guile and charisma (in addition to his size and power) to ascend to the throne of the Demon Kingdom.

Samrick's new reign was very well received by the people. The nations of Kellwood all serve King Samrick, and he divided his lands into the Grand Kingdoms, redrawing the map of Kellwood, This decision was his most difficult and least popular with the nations, and precipitated turmoil such as the War of Four Summers.