A proper villain always extends his pinky when gloating

Rodericke James Robinson is the pureblooded king of vampires and it is a good to be the king, at least until your whole people are made obsolete by a newer model. Rodericke is one of the few characters in CTV you could reasonably call a villain. His main form a villiany seems to be sending waves and waves of minions to be slaughtered, no one seems to have told him only robots have a preset kill limit. He mainly has the hate on for the Elites and Zeno for killing off his loved ones, the crybaby.

Rodericke in CTV

Rodericke actually started off life a happy little kid some how having missed the gene to kill, maim and conquest. Fate releasing it had made a mistake in making a nice Vampire King give him a kick in the butt in the form of the mad elite Cyril who helped start Rodericke along on his path to villiany by bursting in and killing Rodericke's father King Barret. Cyril then took a moment to test out Barret's very comfortable looking throne giving Rodericke a chance to impale him with his own magic sword, pinning his spirit there.

Ignoring the opportunity to become a tormented super hero Rodericke instead reluctantly took up the crown and vowed vengeance on the elites. Sadly, as he later found out, elites are virtually unstoppable killing machines so his revenge has been a long time in the works. As such Rodericke has slowly been consolidating his power, eliminating the weaker kingdoms in Kellwood and hoarding wealth and power for when the time is right, all the while avoiding the wrath of the much more powerful Demon King Samrick and even managed to pick up a hot little number on the side named Uma. He seemed to actually be making some progress for a while having managed to capture the elder vampire Q, developed some weapons which could at least slow down an elite and even subdue Zerlocke through holding Mye hostage. Unfortunately for Rodericke, Mye's actual boy friend Zeno didn't take to kindly to this and along with Charby stormed his lair. This ended in total disaster for Rodericke: with his minions slaughted, Mye & Zerlocke free, Q escaping and Uma getting stabbed in the head by Zeno with a blade that was meant for Rodericke himself. Rodericke was lucky to escape with his life but alas Uma was mortally wounded and died soon after. Right now he has decided that his father's avenging is going on the backburner, as he wants to kill the guy who offed his fiancee first: Zeno.

He briefly considered digging up Charby's ex Viki but this plan failed spectacularly when he found she had been decapitated by Vic.

Rodericke and Kellwood

Rodericke's reign so far has had two major effects on Kelwood.

  • Hunting the Lemuro population nearly to extinction for their magic tails.