Kenny, living in a dream...

If Kenny were to introduce himself, he would say he's Ken the Hobo from Hoboken. Not that this was his projected goal in life, but that's just about what happened when he ended up sleeping in alleys and feeling the call to visit the tourist town of Kellwood. And visit he did, briefly, before meeting his fate at the hands of a fellow homeless fellow... well actually a vampire named Zerlocke, not that he knew at the time!

One supposes the college dropout doesn't have to worry about that student debt hanging over his head anymore, but he does have concerns about how vampirism will effect his enjoyment of getting roaring drunk...

Kenny the VampireEdit

Kenny is an Elite vampire now, much to Zerlocke's dismay.

It happened after Zerlocke took some liberties with Ken's offer for a drink, and after being bitten he was stuffed unceremoniously into a dimensional pocket to hide his body from an approaching Victor.

Rosemary took quite some interest in how it happened and just why her older brother would choose to grace some alley-squatter with the gift of eternal unlife, but Zerlocke insists he had no idea it would happen this way. Had Kenny turned out to be a regular vampire the mess would have been settled rather quickly, but being an Elite, he's not going to be easily put down. Currently he is living at the Elite's main headquarters, where they will help him adjust to his newfound powers and perhaps find his place in their fold. They stuck him in a room with Gabby, the poor guy!

Also, he's not sure why but he feels like he's got a big crush on his sire Zerlocke. Confusing, because he always thought of himself as a ladies man. Claire helpfully informed him this is merely a natural sire attachment, but he's still sad that Zerlocke doesn't want to hang out and drink brewskies with him.

Comic appearanceEdit

Kenny first appeared as a friendly mortal on page 809, and in his current state as an Elite on page 848.