A jackalope is a creature that resembles a jackrabbit with either horns or antlers. It is actually a taxidermist's bit of fun, a rabbit with antelope horns fixed to its noggin. Primarily in fiction these are said to populate in the Western US deserts. An actual condition does cause a horn-like growth in rabbits, so it is fair to say that contributed a bit to the mythology. But enough stuffy wikipedia style explanation! Let's talk about jackalopes in CTV.


Mazel tov, it's a boy!

Jackalopes aren't entirely native to the CTV plane of existence, but they have arrived in Kellwood through Kavonn's hat. It would seem that a portal parasite has been sending jackalopes from some strange jackalope-filled dimension down its gullet and out of Kavonn's hat portal. Kavonn, needless to say, is displeased with this situation as scrambling, scratchy, flea-ridden antler bunnies bombard his head on an almost daily basis.

Jackalopes are said to be, despite their cute appearance, fearsome creatures capable of inflicting greivous bodily harm with their horns. They also have a fondness for whiskey.