Georgie jackalope is the beloved pet of Begonia Benson. He first appeared when Kavonn tried to grab something helpful out of his hat and ended up with a jackalope instead, which he tossed in the direction of the Benson siblings who were attacking him at the time.

Georgie like jackalope Hydrangea.

Begonia became instantly attached to the little brown jackalope, and named him "Georgie" in reference to the book "Of Mice and Men".

Begonia carries him around like a baby or has him on a lead when she goes out with her little pet. When her brother Oldeander was turned into a girly-looking jackalope, Georgie got a little bit attached to what he thought was a pretty girl jackalope. He found out much later, to his surprise and horror, that Lander was not only really a fairy but a male fairy at that (he looked pretty girly as a fairy but there was no mistaking it now: he changed back to normal in the nude, at which he immediatly requested the avenging of his dignity!) But heartbroken Georgie got over it pretty quickly, as Benson sibling and obvious female Hydrangea was soon converted to jackalope form, much to his delight!