George Zealand is a vampire hunter with short brown hair and a scar on his left cheek. He is friends with Wes and is a competent hunter, with a preference for handguns. His girlfriend Diana was assaulted by vampires who broke into his
home, hoping to have some revenge on the hunter. Instead of killing her out of mercy however, George has taken great pains to keep her a secret and make sure she is supplied with enough blood to keep her sane and from attacking him or running away. He is paying Glen and Mort to keep quiet about her, since they found out his dirty secret and are extorting him. He is paranoid that Blaine will find out and order her killed. His relationship with the vampire also puts him in a moral dilemma regarding taking the unlives of other vampires. He wonders if they couldn't be made docile if they were well fed too. And he constantly worries about how much of Diana's humanity is really left of her, or if she just likes the free meals. Despite all that, he is very protective of her and lets her roam about his home without restraints.