Run Charby run!

Gabrielle is a little girl who happened to get turned into a vampire (and an Elite at that) quite by accident by Charby. One night Charby happened to be feeding on Mr. Noodle, his soon-to-be vampire puppy, when Gabby approached him. She proceeded to tell him how weird and gross she thought he was, completely misunderstanding what Charby happened to be doing to the dog. Let's just say her parents had told her certain things about certain people you "shouldn't like" (men who wear lipstick for example, as she mistook the blood on Charby's mouth for it). Charby wasn't sure he had the appetite for human after he'd just had dog, but he decided that the world wouldn't miss one less brat. But he was careless, because not too long later she confronted him and decided that he must be her boyfriend because he gave her special powers. Hello, Sire attachment! Charby responded to that with a hook in the head and his knee to her face. But...she came back again! And again! Charby just didn't get what the deal was until the Elites layed it out on the line: She's an Elite, and therefore unkillable, so she'll be plaguing him forever now! Perhaps he's beginning to see Quixoto's side of it now. Naaaah!

The council adopted her and Zerlocke was saddled with the new Elitess to "educate" her about her special Elite-ness. He taught her about the Elites, and how to wet her pants in fear as Zerlocke ranted and raved on about his relationships.

Currently stuck sharing a room with another new Elite, Kenny, whom she isn't getting along with well.