Diana is a nice girl who got bitten by a vampire, and has been kept in relative safety by her loving boyfriend George. The problem is, George is a vampire hunter, and this sort of relationship is expressly forbade by his boss. His secret got leaked

Freedom Of Expression makes the wrong acronym when you run into vampire hunters, sweetie!

to the worst people to find out: Glen and Mort. Now George has to pay them to keep quiet, while paying also for blood bags to feed his girlfriend and keep her sane and friendly. Thanks to the steady diet, Diana has not gone feral on him, and he does not feel inclined to restrain her. It may be foolish of him to trust her, for he can never be sure if she is sticking around for the free food or if she really hasn't changed, and it makes him seriously question if it's right that he kills other vampires without a second thought when it's so easy to keep them docile... but she was visibly upset when she found out that their secret may be broken and George could lose his job, thus ending the means that keep their relationship steady.