The Demon Scythe was a fabled weapon that was said to be stuck in a rock somewhere in Kellwood's forest, and unremovable except for by that whom it deemed worthy: its true master.

Zeno seemingly blundered upon it one day when he was wandering around in the woods, and feeling a little curious, tried his hand at removing it. Much to his surprise, it slid out easily. But as soon as he removed it, a mob of angry, apparently possessed forest creatures attacked him. The burdensome scythe seemed to get lighter as he fled, but it could have just been lending him power because when he was cornered, he had the strength not only to lift it off the ground, but swung it out at the beasts. They disintigrated at the attack, leaving Zeno to wonder if that was the Scythe or if the creatures were merely illusions.

After finding the Scythe Zeno started to undergo a sort of transformation. Using his Scythe, now he could assume a more powerful form, with longer horns, bigger wings and glowing red eyes. Oh, and he could blow up heads with his mind now.

His friends think the Scythe may have had a negative affect on him. Ever since receiving it, the once mopey demon has found new confidence and on a few occasions has attacked in jealous rage, once resulting in the temporary death of his girlfriend Mye. Other factors were at play when he attacked his friend Tony, but his blowing up Charby's head at the party may have a connection to the scythe. It is unclear as of yet who the mysterious entity that resembles an adult Zeno is actually Zeno's subconcious or the Scythe itself, but the two are without doubt connected. Azelea even caught a glimpse of this spirit in the reflection of the Scythe.