Bunny is the alias that Mye assumed when she was asked by Zerlocke, whom she met while out one night


"Bunny" form for both the twins.

gathering herbs for a magic antidote to her transformation. She isn't technically a bunny, but rather an odd looking demon of sorts with bunny-like ears. But she also has a long lionish tail and feathered pink batwings. The transformation happened as a result of a magic accident involving a magic hair-regrowth potion and being given the wrong antidote by a confused and flustered Menu. She found a way to turn back to her old body, but a mistake with her magic blood caused the curse to not go away completely, and now whenever she sneezes she shoots back into Bunny form. The process, though quick, is incredibly painful and traumatic for Mye. She is not fully accustomed to her adult body and all the extra appendages hanging off it don't help either. In this form however she can jump incredibly high, and she has great strength as well. She found out when her life was threatened that she could assume a powerful demonic fighting mode. She also can teleport, but she doesn't know quite how. When she went all demonic she wasn't quite herself.

Unfortunately for her, a lot of guys find her incredibly attractive in this form and make it known. This makes Mye feel very uncomfortable.

At one point she was kidnapped by the Orycalopes and forced to take the throne as Queen. As good as that sounded at first, it turns out that Orycalope queens are expected to roll out the babies like an ant, and the suitors weren't looking too promising either. She tried to decline, but thankfully the vampires invaded just in time so she didn't have to disappoint the Orycalopes over her possible sterility.

Since then she has reconnected with both Anthony and the Rose Sisters, who still view her as their queen despite the scattering and mass slaughter of the Orycalope kingdom.

Zerlocke fell madly in love with Mye in her "Bunny" form, and upon finding out she had another body, was quite devastated at first but then accepted it as a minor setback. He is quite convinced that Bunny is her true form... is it just wishful thinking though?

Her brother Hex joined her in having this alternate form by copying the circumstance that led to it, saying he was going to help her find a way to undo the curse. Though altruistic on the surface, it may be that he was searching for other answers... and a way to un-stick himself from his unhappy state of arrested development.