So, how you enjoying your nightmare?

Benito is King Samrick's messenger. He resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex with a large hamster in its mouth where its tongue ought to be. The hamster actually is an inner mouth, and can shoot quite far out if he wants it to (sort of like a xenomorph from "Alien"). Benito communicates with both mouths. He can't actually speak with his mouth, more or less he amplifies sound out of them by bending soundwaves to sound like speech, sounds which both parts of his head make. His voice is simultanously squeaky and deep.

Benito first showed up in the comic when he was delivering a message to Charby, and feeling lazy, gave the message to Victor instead. Benito found Charby's constant moving around hard to keep up with and exasperating. Benito can sense connections between people, he knows who they associate with due to his ability to see and track auras. He can find anyone he wants to as long as he has been in the presence of someone that was close to them at one point. So in essence he can use them like a bloodhound can use a personal effect to sniff out a criminal.

Benito is friendly and likes to tease, but he doesn't like it when people cower from him. Benito thinks he's a pretty good-looking guy!